EME transforms Usakos Community Hall

Thanks to a generous sponsorship by Erongo Marine Enterprises totalling N$220,000, the run-down Usakos community hall was recently transformed into a colourful beacon of hope for this local community.  The company also donated an additional N$50,000 towards the 5th annual Orano Engen 1Stop Usakos Sports and Entertainment Festival hosted during the first weekend of August.

Initially approached for a sponsorship towards the Usakos sports festival, Erongo Marine Enterprises decided to go one step further and renovate the Hakhaseb Community Hall. Located at the heart of the Usakos community, the hall was in a serious state of disrepair due to vandalism. Apart from a brightly coloured, fresh coat of paint on the exterior, the interior was also fully repainted, the bathrooms and plumbing were fixed, electrical fixtures and lights as well as parts of the water damaged ceiling were replaced. New doors and a perimeter fence were also erected as part of the renovation to ensure intruders are kept at bay. 

“We wanted to make a long term and positive impact in the lives of the Usakos community,” Erongo Marine Managing Director Dr Martha Uumati noted in a statement. “Driven by the motto ‘empower, equip and transform’, we continually strive to convert our fishing rights into human rights that create shared value for all Namibians. To us all people matter, including this community. We therefore invest a large percentage of our profits in inclusive, sustainable and empowering community programmes that positively impact the lives of local communities throughout Namibia,” Uumati said. The hall was officially handed over to the community of Usakos during a handover ceremony held prior to the launch of the sports festival. The Mayor of Usakos, His Worship Akser Mwafangeyo, applauded Erongo Marine Enterprises for its investment in the community of Usakos during the ceremony.