The Fish-4-Business project was conceived in 2015 as a means of supporting small business entrepreneurship in rural Namibia through empowerment and skills development. Existing small shop owners in rural Namibia were given the opportunity to grow their businesses whilst creating and sustaining jobs through the promotion of local fish consumption.

The total investment by Erongo Marine per shop included a walk-in cold storage unit erected on-site, in-store display fridges, improvements to the shop including a fresh paint job and branding, as well as a start-up “capital investment” in the form of frozen horse mackerel for resell by the shop owner. In addition to this, each shop owner was given the opportunity to formal and specialised SME business skills training.

Project objectives:

  1. 1. Contribute to increased food security in Namibia’s rural communities
  2. 2. Contribute to poverty alleviation through sustainable small business development in Namibia’s rural communities
  3. 3. Skills development of rural small business owners through formal training
  4. 4. Promotion and increased consumption of local fish and fish products across Namibia

After the launch of the first shop in 2015, six additional Fish Shops were established across the country through the Fish-4-Business Challenge in 2016. Since then fish shop owners have taken the initiate to empower themselves and have established further satellite shops.